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When you surf a Farrelly Longboard, you get a shape that has been developed and tested by
Midget Farrelly, and shaped from a blank that has been specifically made by Midget's Surfblanks business to suit this shape. It is then glassed according to strict specifications to couple functional design with structural integrity.
The two Farrelly Longboards featured here both have the same design characteristics but are constructed differently.
The CL Series features a round square tail Malibu, with very strong glass job utilizing a composite laminating process which, in combination with a beautiful T-Band stringer, provides a durable, glassed-to-last board.

The Disco Series is a lighter, performance oriented board that still retains structural integrity at a lower price. All shapes are tried and tested by Midget Farrelly.

Ask about Midget's Palm Beach Paddle/Surfer using 10 oz glassing and a unique

Surfer, Shaper, Manufacturer, World Champion and Designer. Midget's legendary career
has encompassed all this.

Over 40 years of experience ranging from before Midget Farrelly's 1963 Makaha and '64 World Title victories to surfing regularly today in Australia and through out the world is evident in the blended concave to vee bottoms and the design of the Midget Farrelly fin. Different blank foam densities are used for the different models, a direct result of M.F.'s involvement with the blank manufacturing process.

Midget's surfboards have always been acknowledged as being of the best quality and it remains the same today. The relationship between Midget Farrelly and his shapers means that the quality and exactness of the shape is unquestioned. M.F.'s ability to design and translate his theories are matched by his shapers and their shaping prowess.
Surfer - Shaper - Designer, Midget still shapes prototypes and test rides them regularly.

When you see the Farrelly name on a board you know that you are getting a board
made to Midget's highest standards.
Nothing less is accepted

Midget Farrelly
photo: grannis

CL Series
9'6" Round Tail Malibu





Disco Series

9'2" - The lighter
high performance



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